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300 Question SME PAQe, PAQ Service's enhanced upgrade and replacement of the original PAQc for modern-day job analyses (contains PAQ eDOT, new US FLSA, and SSA RFC questions, and a modern-day rewrite of the PAQc questions) all using enhanced DOT measurement scales and prose. Complete the specific form to meet your needs (you do not have to complete all 300 items to conduct a job analysis).

 Available reports

Traditional Report Package

  • Attributes above 90%
  • eDOT Job Description
  • Traditional Job Evaluation Score
  • eDOT Job Family
  • Performance
  • Points
  • Points & Salary Scatter graphs
  • Selection
  • Training


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 New Individual Reports

  • ComPATCency Based Pay Example
  • ERI's Preliminary Non-Profit
  • Executive Compensation Analysis
  • ERI's Preliminary For-Profit
  • Executive Compensation Analysis
  • Premium Salary
  • Dispute Resolution Report
  • FLSA Overtime Exemption
  • Early Retirement Assessment
  • Voc Rehab Alternative Job
  • Outplacement Opportunities
  • Job Availability & Employers


PAQe serves as the "master-form" and is used in PAQ's two day analysts' training sessions. It contains all job analyses questions used by PAQ Services & eDOT.

Available in 3 formats:

  • Complete the questionnaire online
  • Receive a *pdf copy via email/download
  • Receive a hardcopy

For a more detailed description of these forms click here


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