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Why PAQ?

Because it is classification analysis, not job analysis. PAQ's eDOT Skills Project has collected hundreds of thousands of these analyses (using FLSA measure scales), allowing standard deviation reporting (FLSA cases are Federal, see Daubert) and also allowing subscribers to initiate analyses with default measures. Graphic distributions provide a visual talking point in discussions with an employee (mandating "disclosure" is one thing, explaining analyses is another). Power measures derived from semantic analyses allow trained analysts further understanding of confidence of results. Position analysis is all that PAQ does, all it has done since 1974. The Internet gives evidence that only PAQ and ERI have been actively collecting characteristic job measures, rates of error, and norm comparables and measure distributions.

PAQ Daily Log


US Job Analyses Collected
0 yesterday
159,593 last 15 years
297,904 last 30 years

US Job Board Listings
0 yesterday
436,976 last 30 days
1,949,127 last 365 days

US Jobs Studied-ERI/PAQ
0 yesterday
257,745,791 in our library
151,030,000 total jobs existent

189 emerging jobs were added to ERI's Occupational Assessor this quarter; for free and complete review, download ERI's eDOT Job Search module, created to assist disabled individuals and those unexpectedly unemployed. PAQ analyses are acclaimed as "at the top of the list regarding their usability and practicality" (DRI Report for Social Security). Private insurers and expert witnesses have found PAQ's eDOT Skills Project data both construct and content valid. See why thousands use this data in FLSA overtime testing, disability determinations, and expert witness testimony.

Exemption Testing Determinations

ERI and Its Affiliate PAQ Services Provide FLSA Assistance in 3 Ways

Consider the Occupational Assessor for your desktop, an online application in development, or the use of employee input to assist a trained job analyst. For background, listen to ERI's FLSA webinars regarding the DOL's proposed change that suggests an HR revolution is in the offing.

Occupational Assessor® (DVD)

Subscribe to the only software product available with PAQ's eDOT data, leased exclusively to ERI Economic Research Institute for use in its Assessor Series® products. View graphic presentations useful in employee communications (disclosure); also review "rates of error" that meet Daubert Challenge evidence requirements. Post these position analyses to ERI's new online database. (The posting subscriber must be an ERI Certified Job Analyst, see below.)

Online Scoring (Web)

All PAQ analyses are conducted online. After completing an analysis users can enter their data by logging in to our system and proceeding through the analysis steps. All PAQ reports are available here and saved for future access.

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