Loan Verification Web Service

PAQ's "Loan Verification" web service allows financial institutions to integrate real-time salary data into their existing loan processing procedures. Lenders can immediately see if a borrower's reported salary falls within a specified range of acceptability based on job title and geographic location.

The web service returns a number of salary, cost-of-living, and benefits variables including a preformatted html report for easy inclusion into your application. For those wishing to create their own custom report or perform additional calculations, the following is also provided:
  • Local Salary - Low, Mean, Median, High, 25th & 75th Percentile
  • Local Bonus & Benefits
  • Local Total Compensation
  • National Salary - Low, Mean, Median, High, 25th & 75th Percentile
  • National Bonus & Benefits
  • National Total Compensation
  • Standard Error - Local & National
  • Job Family - Local & National Minimum and Maximum Salary
  • Position's Percentile within Job Family
  • Est. Employer Revenue and Employee Count

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