Software Updates
The files below are self-extracting updates. Click on the dataset found below to initiate the updating process. With a modem speed of 56.0 kbps, a 1 MB download will take one to two minutes; at 28.8 kbps, a 1 MB download will take approximately six to nine minutes.

Click Here to Download the Occupational Assessor Update Occupational Assessor 62.3 MB Self-extracting installation and/or update file of PAQ's Occupational Assessor. This demo becomes the Occupational Assessor – Professional Edition with an eDOT subscription. It expands to the Occupational Assessor - Consultant Edition with a subscription.
Older versions of Netscape: the browser will begin downloading the file selected immediately; it is "zipped" and self-extracting.
Later versions of Netscape: will ask you to SAVE AS: select a folder on your computer's hard drive to save the selected file, and the browser will begin downloading the file; it is "zipped" and self-extracting. When the download is complete, double click on the file that was downloaded, and it will self-install into a default directory.
Microsoft's Internet Explorer: will ask you to OPEN (or RUN), SAVE AS, or CANCEL. If you select OPEN (or RUN), the file that is being downloaded will self-extract as soon as the download is complete. If SAVE AS is selected, the downloading works like Netscape's.

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