The PAQ Program

The Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) is a structured job analysis questionnaire that measures job characteristics and relates them to human characteristics. The PAQ is completed "in house" by human resource personnel and/or managers who have usually received Job Analyst Training from PAQ Services. The PAQ asks a series of detailed questions, to produce a variety of job analysis reports (described below) after being scored using PAQ Services' proprietary methodology.

Common uses of the PAQ are to:
  1. Develop an "internal equity" compensation model. PAQ scores can be used to compare jobs within an organization in order to achieve internal equity in compensation. This approach is different from, yet complements, a market based strategy.

  2. Develop selection criteria for a specific job. The PAQ assists the user to identify the right person for a specific job by identifying aptitudes, temperaments, interests, and job demands of the position.

  3. The PAQ is used extensively by researchers studying the nature of work. Vocational experts use PAQ and its resultant enhanced Dictionary of Occupational Titles to assist in the disability determination process.
Literally hundreds of thousands of jobs have been analyzed using the PAQ, and the PAQ has been the subject of numerous studies. The courts have upheld the use of the PAQ in decision-making because it is an appropriate methodology that is "well accepted in the industrial psychology profession." No other job analysis method has been as widely used and is as defensible as the PAQ.

The PAQ Reports
Once a PAQ Questionnaire has been completed, the data is entered online and automatically scored by PAQ Services. A variety of reports and analyses are available: Job Levels/Values, FLSA, Marketplace, Job Availability, Potential Employers, Archive Job Board, Job Fit, Job Pulse, and PAQ's traditional Enter-Act reports.

Implementing the PAQ
There are 3 basic steps for an organization to implement PAQ:
  1. HR personnel/managers typically attend a PAQ Job Analysis Training Course (or have taken such training in college or another employer). PAQ Questionnaires are filled out by trained professionals, not job incumbents.

  2. Trained PAQ Job Analysts then use the Position Analysis Questionnaire (or portions of this Questionnaire) to analyze selected jobs.

  3. The PAQ Questionnaires are submitted to PAQ for scoring, with the results then used to analyze internal equity, the requirements of a position, FLSA status, or other human resource related analyses.
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