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ERI and PAQ provide FREE materials and web access services to college instructors who teach about the nature of work (occupations).

PAQ ( collects modern-day work measure content and by doing so, allows the comparison of specific occupations one to another (and incumbents who might fill those jobs). Internal equity, disability determination, and employee placement are outcomes. ERI's ( focus is more restricted: the competitive rates paid for these specific occupations in varying geographic areas and industries. This narrower vision expands dramatically when one studies the way in which jobs are valued and why differences in pay occur. ERI and PAQ materials are practical. Over 10,000 organizations subscribe, year after year, to ERI's Assessor Series and PAQ's eDOT and scoring services. Students can learn from these "real world" tools used daily by professionals, including:
  1. All 52 (ERI Distance Learning Center) ( one-hour courses (job analysis, wage/salary, HR) are FREE. Students work through an assigned online course, page by page, answering "advancing" questions. The last page contains an email template to transmit back to the instructor with notice of a student's completion of the assignment. Excellent lab and homework assignments!
  2. For Professors/Instructors at nonprofit universities/colleges, ERI provides a FREE subscription to its Consultant Assessor Series® (for the time period of the Syllabus' class).* A payment of $1,000 is required if CAS is used outside the classroom in the Instructor's research or consulting; receipt of this payment will also extend the subscription period to the normal 12 months. ERI research data is used by 1,000s of consultants, the IRS, State AG Offices, etc.
  3. Each student will be allowed to score (PDF & online) job analyses and receive created PAQ reports FREE. An Instructor's Account site will show feedback: the # of jobs scored by each student and reports generated.*
  4. These same FREE offers are available for Computer Labs (used at Cornell University since 1989) and Career Centers. In the Career Center, students would be able to check salaries for different kinds of positions in different parts of the country and also check cost-of-living data.

    * For instructors who wish to have students score PAQ job analyses and/or utilize ERI's Assessor Series, fax a Syllabus of your course with a handwritten # of students, along with your contact information. This offer is available to any accredited university/junior college/technical school. We will send you an Account # and Password or License Code.
ERI and PAQ have supported the training of the next generation of HR professionals since 1974. We are the only firms in America (including State and Federal Agencies) that collect specific work characteristics of occupations, count specific jobs and assist disabled or those new to the workplace with information about specific jobs (governments today report only on job families).
Questions: Jonas P. Johnson Ph.D., Research Director
11 Bellwether Way, Suite 107
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone (800) 292-2198
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