About PAQ Services
PAQ Services (PAQ) is an Indiana corporation, now located in the state of Washington that has engaged in US job analyses since inception in 1974, creating a unique database and library of work in America. Under license from ERI Economic Research Institute, it manages the eDOT Skills Project at www.paq.com so that an enhanced Dictionary of Occupational Titles (eDOT) is now available (in the form of the Occupational Assessors marketed by ERI). To our knowledge, eDOT is the only known replacement for the abandoned US 1991 Revised DOT. PAQ also supports subject matter expert field job analyses via online scoring of both the old PAQc Questionnaire and the new 300 question PAQe complement to eDOT. The majority of PAQ's business relates to the online scoring of PAQ Questionnaire measures input by subscribers' employed field job analysts. Other revenue derives from leasing PAQ's DOT Skills Project databases and sales of mini-reports via the Internet. With online certification and continuing education via www.eridlc.com, the ERI Distance Learning Center, which it operates jointly with ERI Economic Research Institute. PAQ also sells questionnaires and materials and derives some shared revenue from the sale of eDOT/eDOT+, ERI's Occupational Assessors - Professional and Consultant Editions respectively and manages the SalaryExpert.com web site and its Premium Reports and the Global Salary Calculator® software and databases. The former is used for FLSA overtime estimations and the latter by subscribers engaged in the disability determination process. PAQ is privately-held and provides no fee-for-service consulting.

Job Analysis Services
The majority of PAQ's business relates to the online scoring and analysis of PAQ Questionnaire measures to create useful work and labor economic reports. This is the only national accreditation program of its kind for old-fashioned job analysis and is co-sponsored with the ERI Distance Learning Center, an online human resource education center.

PAQ Products
PAQ sells labor economic and job analyses reports, job analyses materials (pdf’s), and the Occupational Assessor. The Occupational Assessor - Consultant Edition is the most advanced job analysis software program available for finding occupational opportunities for individuals, whether they be disabled, laid off, career changers, or recent graduates. The Occupational Assessor - Consultant Edition reflects the results of a hundred thousand recent 3rd-party subject matter expert field job analyses, plus two million incumbent Internet self-job analyses inputs. It is used to retrieve unlimited numbers of reports otherwise purchased individually at www.paq.com for the full sequence of: 1) work history, 2) individual capacities, 3) alternative jobs, 4) job availability estimates, 5) potential employers with those specific jobs identified, and 6) job board/posting proof of existence for 10,000 specific occupations/jobs. For professional vocational experts and consultants' use; signing of a License Rider is required. The Occupational Assessor - Consultant Edition includes all features of the the Occupational Assessor - Professional Edition, an archive copy of the discontinued DOT, access to source data, and a complete transferable skills/disability determination sequence. It is designed to meet 2004/2005 LTD Regulatory Settlements' provisions, each DDP analyses calculates what a concurrent SSA DI determination might be, along with retrieval of ERI Assessor Series® earnings data (if those datasets are installed/available).

The Occupational Assessor - Consultant Edition data is collected using various questionnaires that include all or some of PAQ Services' full PAQe Questionnaire containing 300 job measures. Visitors to www.paq.com utilize partial or full questionnaires and receive reports specific to their needs including labor economic, internal equity comparisons, FLSA estimations, and selection/recruitment information. The PAQ Questionnaire is perhaps the best known of quantitative job analysis instruments. Originally developed by Dr. McCormick and associates at Purdue University, it is a structured job analysis questionnaire that originally included 300 job elements. These elements are worker oriented; using the terminology of a US Department of Labor's 1972 job analysis construct; they are described in terms of worker behaviors. The items are organized into eight divisions: (1) skills & tasks, (2) world of work and managerial content, (3) cognitive skills & ability demands, (4) people demands, (5) information & data demands, (6) work output, (7) physical demands, and (8) enhanced analysis input. In 2004, the PAQ Questionnaire was modified to include additional items relating to two new divisions: management and work environment. In addition, it now includes the new measures found in Social Security disability determination analyses, new FLSA analyses, 30 stress-related questions that best reflect work in modern-day America, and attributes and measures found in the State of Ohio's Transition Grant Program and other state Workers' Compensation approaches.

*The Disability Research Institute recently released study of job analysis alternatives available for the US Social Security Administration Deliverable No. 9, reported: “Previous comparisons have put the PAQ on top of the list regarding its usability and practicability (Levin, Ash, Hall, & Sistrunk, 1983; McCormick & Jeanneret, 1988).�

PAQ History
PAQ Services operates as an independent firm dedicated solely to job analysis services. In operation since the late 1960s, PAQ was founded by Dr. Edward McCormick, who concurrently assisted in creating the DOT's Selected Characteristics of Occupations, used continuously since then in the U.S. Dictionary of Occupational Titles. In 1974, after testing of the PAQ measurement instruments with projects for the US Navy, PAQ was incorporated as an Indiana corporation (and so exists today). For 30+ years, PAQ has been measuring tens of thousands of jobs annually with the same research instrument. No other US firm can make such a claim. PAQ serves hundreds of clients annually, many of them long-time users of the PAQ Questionnaire. PAQ Services also operates the eDOT Skills Project under an agreement with ERI Economic Research Institute. For over 25 years, ERI has worked to maintain and update the Dictionary of Occupational Titles structure and construct in America. PAQ has taken over this role by maintaining the databases for the Occupational Assessor. Today PAQ utilizes a variety of approaches to gather data about the characteristics of modern jobs; nothing, however, will ever best the work of a trained job analyst, on-site, creating an analysis that is used not for theory, but actually applied in organizational hiring, compensation, training and planning decisions. ERI agreed to turn over the management and license the eDOT Skills Project to PAQ the day it discovered that PAQ had, year in and year out for the past 15 years, averaged 10,000 quality job analyses scored using a much-refined Revised Handbook of Job Analysis construct. As part of this Agreement, in July of 2004 PAQ moved its offices of 35 years in Logan, Utah to:

PAQ Services
11 Bellwether Way, Suite 107, Bellingham, Washington 98225 USA
Phone: (800) 292-2198
Fax: (877) 395-0236

Website: www.paq.com

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