ERI's Job Availability Log - Total and Daily Summaries

Only ERI and PAQ count specific jobs in America today, as this type of reporting has been replaced by governments' publishing of general job family statistics. For example, the number of java programmers within a city, state/province, or country is no longer tallied, but rather the count is limited to the population of the general job family of "computer programmers." ERI's Total Summary Log below shows all counts from all sources (including java programmers and 100,000 other job titles). Actual source documents or named references can be retrieved via any ERI Assessor Series research product. ERI's Occupational Assessor is derived from PAQ's eDOT Skills Project database; "OA" contains ~10,000 occupations (jobs) with physical, mental and environmental demands where counts exceed 250 incumbents nationally. ERI's other Assessor Series research products report salary, incentive and other compensation data for one-half of these job titles (not all of which have sufficient sample sizes for valid statistical analyses). For the Daily Log, click on "Get Today's Log."

ERI's Job Availability Log - Total Summary

Count Last Update Source
227,541,314 10/12/2016 SV Other Commercially Available Salary Surveys - ERI researchers analyze these sources for identification of jobs; commercial surveys reporting these specific jobs are not used in creation of ERI's Assessor Series values at this time.
1,105,592 11/01/2011 PQ PAQ Scoring - online input from SME job analysts, average time 3.4 hours/each; over 400k job analyses since 1974.
41,432 07/05/2016 eT eDOT Users' Input - SME alteration of the default 99 eDOT Selected Characteristics of Occupations in subscribers' use of ERI's Occupational Assessor; also includes initial Assessor/eDOT SME analyses, DOT archive SCOs
12,232,735 JB ERI Job Board Data - eSpideri SalariesReview Library collection of job postings, last 365 days); including data provided from CareerBuilder and other job boards under contract (CB/Google delivering over 1 Gig data/day).
13,684,150 03/31/2011 SR SalariesReview - 6 Question access to eDOT Skills Project from ERI's patented interactive surveys, Abbott, Langer Association Survey participants' input, SalariesReview other surveys, PAQ online US FLSA determinations
3,140,568 08/16/2013
Wizard Lookups - ERI Survey Finder - Job Availability Survey - eDOT Skills Project Raw Data - all other aERIe affiliate accesses to ERI fileservers, including employment and loan applicant flagging provided to lending institutions and employers
257,745,791 10/21/2017
US estimate of full-time jobs filled: 151,030,000

Data older than or = 15 years, including the last published US DOT's data, is not used in any quarterly
release of eDOT; disappearing DOT occupations' data are archived and available for review
(jobs do not "disappear," but rather are compressed into others' evolution).

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